Effects of electromagnetic radiation on a human being

There is ionizing and non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.The first is recognized without doubt to be dangerous to human health. Therefore, further we will consider only non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, which is the subject of big disputes.

The effects of electromagnetic radiation on human health are widely discussed both at the political and at the scientific level. Everyone knows that electromagnetic radiation can be dangerous, but no one can officially confirm it.

A variety of studies have been held in the world that confirm the harmful effect. For example, the results of the latest project of the World Health Organization, Interfon, confirm that the long use of mobile phones can cause cancer.

Swedish journalists compare the current situation with that when the scientists tried to prove that smoking was dangerous to health. In case of smoking, the scientists nevertheless proved harmful effects.

Swedish scientist Leif Selford conducted a research on the influence of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone and found that the greatest impact radiation has on children. Leif called our mobile phone use "the greatest biological experimentation on a human being ".

The Finnish government agency of radiation and nuclear safety advises parents to reduce the use of mobile phones by children. The Swedish government agency of radiation safety advises to keep your mobile phone as far as possible from the body.

Thus, it is formally stated that non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation is not dangerous to human health. We can make a long list of all statements, recommendations and researches. We plan to regularly updated our website with the results of different researches in the field of electromagnetic radiation. If you are interested in this topic, we would like to advise you subscribe to our monthly newsletter, which will cover the latest news in this area.

Electromagnetic radiation affects each body in a different way. Some can get brain cancer, but others may not even feel the negative effect of radiation.

There are two types of radiation exposure: the one which causes immediate risk to health and biological effects. The biological effect is difficult to prove and is particularly evident in the form of headache, migraine, weakness, or “feeling not well” that can be caused by other factors.

Properties of shungite can reduce the impact of electromagnetic radiation on human being. This is for each individual to believe whether electromagnetic radiation is harmful or safe. We offer a solution for those who do not want to subject his body to biological experimentation and reduce at least to some extent the impact of radiation.

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