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The "Balls of Health" have a history of many ages, for they were first mentioned at the beginning of the reign of the imperial dynasty Min in China. Exactly then in the city of Baodin the production of steel balls with a bell inside started, that are famous nowadays not only in China, but also in many countries of the world. Owing to their sound - one of them sounds high, another one – low - they got the name "A pair of balls Roaring Dragon and Singing Phoenix", and it is their depiction that is usually drawn on the polished surface of the balls. Originally the balls were used by the restricted circle of the initiates while they were mastering martial arts, for developing strength and sleight of hands, for rehabilitation after injuries, for training of supernormal abilities: attention concentration, increase and regulation of the body energy status, especially energy of hands. This sphere of application is also indicated by the often depicted on the balls famous mythic symbols "Tripod", "Yin-Yang", "Yi Ching"., "Double Happiness".

They soon gained great popularity. It turned out that the balls gave the young vivacity of mind and strength of hands, helped the elderly to get rid of constipations and numbness of extremities. Exercises with them improve circulation of blood, normalize blood pressure, eliminate spasms and cramps of hand muscles, trembling of hands, joint stiffness.

shungite ballsRegular exercises with the balls preserve the high level of memory and mental abilities for a long time, help to cope with tiredness and avoid unnecessary anxiety. The balls are also attractive because of the possibility to exercise with them at any time and anywhere, which is the evident benefit of the exercises regardless of age, sex and state of health.

From the point of view of the modern medicine the positive effect of the balls can be easily explained by the closest connection existing between hands and central nervous system. More than that, according to the notion of the traditional Chinese medicine, there are active spots on fingers and palms, the pressure on which has beneficial effect on heart, vascular and digestive system. The modern medicine also admits the presence of reflexogenic zones connected with the internal and influencing their functioning on the palms. According to their effectiveness the balls can be considered one of the best means of maintaining high performance efficiency and active longevity.

Application Guidelines

hand with ballHealing purposes:

It is especially recommended to those people, whose professional activity is connected with frequent stressful situations (business, executive positions, working with people) and overstrain of attention and memory (programming, working with computer, dispatchers, drivers of all modes of transport, students, pupils, etc.).

The great advantage of the exercises with balls over medications for indigestion is the total absence of unwanted effects typical for the respective medicines. Thus, when taking soothing medicines, drowsiness dormancy and reaction disorder develop as a rule, and insomnia and irritability can appear due to intake of tonic medicines.

Preventive purposes:

Medical purposes:


  1. It is not necessary to perform masterly tricks for sanitary training; the simplest exercise will be useful: rubbing the balls between palms, rotating two balls on a palm, clockwise and anticlockwise.

  2. It is necessary to maintain regularity in training and gradual increase of load.

  3. It is recommended to alternate squeezing exercises with rotating exercises. Sensation of pain must be avoided. One should not allow strain of the groups of muscles that are nor active in the exercise (muscles of forearms, arms, neck, back) as well as unnecessary movements (bending head, raising shoulders, raising or drawing aside the elbows etc.) while exercising.

  4. At the beginning of the exercises you should choose the balls of the medium size; after mastering the main exercises it is better to buy several pairs of balls of different size in order to vary the load and do exercises with 3-4 balls.

  5. It is advisable to keep on exercising not less than 10 minutes a day.

  6. Try not to look at the balls, pay attention to the sensation in your hands


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