Massage set for feet

шунгитовая вода

On the soles of your feet more than 70 reflex zones are located, each of which is linked to specific organs. Treatment of these areas activates vitality of those organs. Therefore foot massage is very simple and effective way to relieve tension, stress, fatigue, pain in the legs and restore workability. Application of shungite for feet massage provides comprehensive effect on the reflex zones due to the unique properties of this mineral.

Put shungite set into a wide shallow container (for example, a carton box from shoes), in an even layer, and stand with the bare feet and massage the feet within 5 - 10 min. per session, depending on the sensitivity of the skin, performing any movement with the legs, gradually increasing the time of stepping. Elderly or sick people are recommended to massage the feet while sitting, while increasing the time of massage. It is recommended to control blood pressure during the feet massage (to measure it before and after the session). If there is no special change, then the duration of the procedure is selected correctly.

After the procedure wash away shungite dust with warm water. Regular feet massage is a good preventive measure against many diseases of musculoskeletal system and nervous system. Already after the first sessions the following effects can be noticed: improved well-being, normal sleep, disappearing pain in joints and muscles of the legs, back, in the spine, relief of nervous overexcitation, normalisation of blood circulation, strengthening of the immune system.

Massage of hands is possible to make in a similar way. With the help of others you can also do massage of back and other body parts.


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