Shungite pyramids

The researchers of the Egyptian Pharaohs tombs found out a strange effect: self-cleaning of precious stones and metals, sharpening of cutting tools, mummification products, etc. occurred in the pyramids. These effects have been widely used both in engineering and in magic.


Numerous studies suggest that pyramid models work in the volume resonance. Astronomers have seen the earth model of the universe in the pyramids. Geneticists - a model framework of life, the DNA molecule. Architects and builders are lost how they were erected. Science fictionists thought that the orientation of the pyramids on the star Sirius means that life on the Earth came from there. It was investigated that the pyramid keeps its properties, regardless of what size it is and what material is made of. But, of course, the intensity of the display of these properties depends on the size and the material.

It is established that the radius of the "positive" bio field around shungite pyramids exceeds the radius of the pyramids made of other minerals. Thus, the radius of the pyramids made from quartz, lazurite or jade covers 0,5 - 3 meters, and around the pyramids from shungite - at a distance greater than 5 meters.

By adjusting the amount of vitality, a shungite pyramid charges organism with bio energy. As a result of regular use the energy of the body is aligned and its aura is recharged and strengthened.

egypt pyramid

The results of experiments confirm that the shungite pyramid is a reliable shield against geopathogenic phenomena that occur in nature because of the faults, underground rivers, mineral deposits and other unexplained reasons. It is established that if a person is in the range of geopathogenic zone on a daily basis, his body is attacked by invisible geopathogenic rays, causing inexplicable malaise, apathy, headache, weakness. As a result, this weakens the immune system and a person suffers from disharmony and frequent manifestation of illnesses. Medical researches indicate that geopathic radiation causes cardiovascular disease and up to 60% of cancers.

The shungite pyramid is one of the most effective means against geopathogenic radiation. It is able to reduce the negative impact of the environment, to reflect and neutralize geopathic rays. Staying close to the shungite pyramid may strengthen immunity system, improve overall health, relieve nervous tension, eliminate the headache and insomnia and increase vitality.

Shungite pyramid is able to protect the residential and industrial premises from electromagnetic radiation of TV sets, computers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, electric measuring instruments. In addition, shungite pyramid clears from the negative "field" jewellery, coins and other small items.

shungite pyramid

Note, however, that the protective properties of the pyramids appear only on the surface on which it stands, so the pyramid can not be placed on the computer or TV, but only on the table next to them.

It is recommended to place the pyramid in those places where you spend most hours every day - next to the bed, desk, appliances, computers, etc. The pyramid should be with you at the same level (not higher and not lower) and at a distance not exceeding 50 cm, for example, you can put the pyramid between you and computer, TV set or other appliances, which are the source of electromagnetic radiation. You can put a pyramid near the bed or near the leisure place. The pyramid placed next to the bed of the sick person, will feed its internal energy, giving forces to recovery.

It is recommended place  the pyramid in the fresh air periodically, every two - three weeks, nd keep at least one hour to clean and restore its protective properties. Shungite  pyramids can be polished, which does not affect its properties.


Pyramid should be placed where you are locaced one hour or more every day:

It is strictly prohibited to put the pyramid on the head, or direct its top of the sore spots.


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