Shungite plates for mobile phone and other appliances

shungite plates

Whether we sleep or are awake, we are constantly affected by electric and magnetic fields. The aggregate of electromagnetic fields of anthropogenic origin generates a relatively new set of pollutants in the inhabited environment, known as «electromagnetic smog». Paradoxically, but radiation related to scientific and technical progress in electronics and informatics are particularly dangerous to human beings, and these are our beloved computers, TV sets, mobile phones and other household appliances.

As a result of the negative impact of this "electromagnetic smog" people may develop cesspool cleaning, diencephalic disorders and functional disorders in the sexual area. Distant consequences of electromagnetic exposure are development of early atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, hypertension, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's deceases, depression, cancer, disruptions of pregnancy and in case of children, formation of congenital malformations. Therefore, the issue of protection against "electromagnetic smog" is becoming more urgent.

Scientists have already proven that shungite is able to interact with electromagnetic fields of different nature, and provides individual protection from the harmful effects of these radiations. Its main purpose - the protection of all living on the Earth from the electromagnetic fields and radiations, geopathogenic zones, the environmental and other problems.

A mobile phone as the product of technological progress has become indispensable in our daily life. We feel helpless without it. The whole day we have it close to us and literally on us – somebody on the chest, others at the waist and very often in the hand near the head. Convenient… Comfortable… You can talk with the right person at any moment, find out where he is. But nothing is for free and it is not just about money. or convenience, which gives us a mobile phone, we have to pay with our health and our nerves. The risk has particularly increased when children became the users of mobile phones as well.

Radio frequency electromagnetic radiation has a negative effect on the human body, and in the first place - on the brains and the nervous system. Electromagnetic radiation of mobile phone, whether working or in a call-waiting status, is very close to the intercellular electronics in our bodies and harmfully increase it... The immune system of an adult can localize this adverse impact to some extent, but the child's body cannot handle it in the same way.

Frequent use of such telephone impairs short-term memory, sometimes it causes headaches and feeling of fatigue. The working cell phone significantly reduces the scope of the drivers’ control of the surrounding space and slows down their reaction to changes in road conditions.

The Swemobile phonedish Neurosurgeon and Professor Leif Salford claims that ‘those who use the mobile phones voluntarily expose themselves to the biggest biological experiment on human beings in the world’s history’ (according to the reporter Anders Lotsson from Computer Sweden).

It was shown in the Tula Scientific and Research Institute "New medical technologies" that the presence of shungite materials close to the source of cellular frequency radiation significantly weakens the impact of such radiation on the body.

Installation of a protective shungite plate on the phone neutrolises almost entirely the adverse effects of electromagnetic fields. It can be attached to the back side of the device and thus protects the user from electromagnetic radiation during mobile communication.


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