Stone therapy set

shungite stones

Stone Therapy - is a special massage technique with the use of natural stones based on ancient rituals and oriental medicine.

Exclusive massage technique using stones shungite stones has a beneficial effect on human body.

Shungite stones are processed on professional equipment in special tumbling drums. Shungite has a high degree of heat absorption and a slow, delicate heat transfer, allowing long-term use of stones for massage. Shungite stones are heated before use (can be in hot water), to a temperature of 35 - 45 degrees.

Hot stone massage is good for the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure, relieves muscle pain, relieves stress, irritability, tension, normalizes sleep, improves circulation and lymph drainage, strengthens the lymphatic vessels, restores tone, elasticity and moisture balance of skin prints toxins, reduces cellulite.

This procedure is quite comfortable. You will remember the touch of "alive" shungite stone and remain grateful to the healing power of natural mineral.

Using natural stones guarantees not only the effectiveness of the procedure, but the full extent of relaxation. The stones enhance the effects in combination with other massage techniques being a real "gymnastics" for the vessels.

Hot stone massage promotes relaxation of muscles, increases the intensity of metabolic processes, brings a sense of physical rest and emotional balance. The main local effect of hot stones on the tissues is caused by vasodilatation and hyperemia. This delivers improved local blood circulation, a more intensive metabolism, rapid excretion of metabolic products.

Stone therapy has not only a relaxing effect, but also reduces muscle pain, strengthen the respiratory and immune systems of the body, helps to overcome mental and physical overload, stress, depression, chronic fatigue, promotes the general improvement and increases vitality. General contraindications for stone therapy are the same as for the classical massage and physiotherapy.

In total there are 21 stones in the set, the stones are smooth and unpolished.

Large stones - 6 pieces - used while lying on his back, laid out to the chakras (2 pieces) and a back (2 pieces - along the spine to 2 on both sides, to warm).

Middle stones - 8 pieces - used for massage - alternately (before cooling), take two stones, one in each hand.

Small stones - 4 pieces - are inserted in a hot state between the toes, while a client lying on his back.

Middle stones - 3 pieces - used for laid out on the eyes and frontal chakra.


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