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As you may know from our Learn about Shungite pages, Shungite stone has a wide range of use based on its qualities, starting from electromagnetic protection and harmonisation to water cleaning and agriculture. Shungite can be used both for private or industrial use.

Below we are happy to present you descriptions of special products from shungite stone. f you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at

Shungite plates for mobile

Whether we sleep or are awake, we are constantly affected by electric and magnetic fields which may have negative effects on our health. Being one of the most popular and convenient of human inventions, mobile telephone plays an important part in our well-being. Shungite plates for mobile are able to neutrolise the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation from mobile. Read more....

Shungite pyramids

Shungite pyramid is able to protect the residential and industrial premises from electromagnetic radiation of TV sets, computers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, electric measuring instruments. The results of experiments confirm also that the shungite pyramid is a reliable shield against geopathogenic phenomena that occur in nature because of the faults, underground rivers, mineral deposits and other unexplained reasons. Read more....

Shungite balls

Shungite balls will help you to get rid of overstrain, to develop coordination, to concentrate attention and the most important thing is that they are beautiful. The "Balls of Health" have a history of many ages, for they were first mentioned at the beginning of the reign of the imperial dynasty Min in China. Read more....

Shungite harmonisers

Mineral harmonizers are an effective device for correction of the energy processes, recharging and restoring vitality in the human body. They help act upon biological active spots, to withdraw nervous strain and headache, keep vitality, vivacity and fresh views on life. Read more....

Shungite for water

Shungite has another very important feature - it is an excellent sorbent, purifying air and water from many organic and inorganic compounds and the abundance of free radicals. Shungite possesses biological activity and is able to transfer this property to water. Read more....

Shungite for massage and back

Stone therapy

Stone Therapy - is a special massage technique with the use of natural stones based on ancient rituals and oriental medicine. This procedure is quite comfortable. You will remember the touch of "alive" shungite stone and remain grateful to the healing power of natural mineral. Read more...

Feet massage

On the soles of your feet more than 70 reflex zones are located, each of which is linked to specific organs. Treatment of these areas activates vitality of those organs. Therefore foot massage is very simple and effective way to relieve tension, stress, fatigue, pain in the legs and restore workability.Read more...

Shungite belt and mat

Shugnite belt and mat, being a so called "biomassage", provides a highly therapeutic effect on the human body. At its contact with body, the blood supply to organs and tissues of the body increases which ensures increase of the metabolic processes in its turn.

Read more about the belt...

Read more about the mat...

Souvenirs from shungite

Shungite stone is a strong psychic protection stone. It helps to calm down emotions and neutralizes psychological tension in the atmosphere around it.

It is recommended to place shungite stone in working place, on the table or in the place of high concentration of psychological tension. As a souvenir it also esthetically beautiful.

Jewellery from shungite

Jewellery produced from shungite stone is another alternative to protect yourself from negative effects of the electromagnetic radiation produced by TV sets, computers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, electric measuring instruments.

Having shungite stone close may strengthen immunity system, improve overall health, relieve nervous tension, eliminate headache and insomnia and even increase vitality. One of the best ways to keep shungite on your body is to wear it every day.

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