Fullerene – a "clever" molecule

The world is composed in such a way that all living matters are born, get old and die.


The mind does not want to accept the hopelessness, prepared for us by nature. Since the medieval times alchemists tried to find the elixir of youth, but all efforts were in vain. And at the end of the twentieth century, scientists thought again whether the time is inexorable. New scientific discoveries and tools of knowledge will enable us in the near future to go beyond the restrictive framework given to us by nature, not against it, and thanks to the natural evolution of the mind.

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Since the discovery of a new allotropic form of carbon - fullerenes in 1985 not much time has passed. However this unique object raised a real "Fullerene boom" in the scientific world. During this period, the Nobel Prize was recieved, thousands of scientific articles, books and brochures on this topic were published.

What is it fullerene and can we eat it?


Fullerene is a molecule consisting of carbon atoms and is the third after diamond and graphite allotropic form of carbon.

Fullerenes can be of a different type C60, C70, etc., depending on the content of carbon atoms. The most stable and best studied - is the C60, containing 60 carbon atoms.

Fullerene is the only molecular form of carbon, in contrast to the diamond and graphite, which are only crystalline forms with a certain spatial arrangement of carbon atoms in the lattice.

Nature brought together in one object, many contradictory concepts. Fullerene is a link between the organic and inorganic matter. This is the molecule, and the particle, and the cluster. The diameter of the molecule C60 is 1 nm.

If you look inside the fullerene, we find only an emptiness pierced by electromagnetic fields, containing "nothing" - a vacuum enclosed in a carbon shell, as in the original container. And the walls of the container do not allow penetration into it of any material particles (ions, atoms, molecules).

Fullerene molecule can be called a "vacuum bubble", which does not fit the well-known thesis that nature does not tolerate a vacuum. Vacuum and matter are two pillars of the universe that harmoniously united in one molecule.

Fullerene is still a subject of research for the scientists around the world in the field of chemistry, physics and medicine. You cannot eat it (yet!), but you can drink it.

Fullerene special properties


Amoung the fundamental properties of fullerenes, which are apparent at the level of both cell and whole organism, it should firstly be noted its antioxidant properties which suppress the processes of peroxidation and free-radical oxidation.

Getting in our body, fullerenes behave as the most powerful and most long-acting antioxidant, as a means of fighting with free radicals, so-called oxygen atoms, which lack a single electron, which they greedily taken away from any living cell, the genetic spiral. Antioxidant activity of fullerene in the 100 - 1000 exceeds the effect of known antioxidants (eg vitamin E, dibunol, β-carotene).

Thanks to its acceptor properties, fullerene is able to selectively interact with other molecules, and in water environment to transfer these properties in an orderly layers of water at a considerable distance from its surface.

Fullerenes normalize cellular metabolism, increase enzyme activity and increase the stability of the cell, including its genetic apparatus to external influences (heat, viruses, etc.). The regenerative ability of body tissues increases in its turn.

Fullerenes normalize the nerve processes, influencing the exchange of neurotransmitters, improving the capacity of man and his resistance to stress.

Besides, fullerenes have an explicit anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effect, thus relieving pain, suppressing the development of many allergic diseases and improving immunity.

Fullerenes function even in ultrasmall doses and their effect even after single dose lasts for months.

Secrets of "Marcial Waters"

Marcial waters church

Since the times of Peter I the "Marcial Waters" resort existed in Karelia. Many years no one could definitively explain the therapeutic properties of this resort. It was assumed that the high content of iron is the cause of health effects. However, there are many sources of iron on earth, and, as a rule, no therapeutic effect.

In 1992, the fullerenes were first discovered on the ground, in the Karelian shungite stone. After that, suspicions arose that the fullerenes are the reason for the healthy effects of the Marcial Waters. However, until now scientists could not determine how this therapeutic effect occurs.

Although the amazing properties shungite are proved by a number of study and practical application. So, for example, during preparation of water from shungite, water is being purified from excess of free radicals. It is known that an excess of free radicals in our bodiies is the cause of many diseases. The shungite or fullerene acts in such a way that it defines this excess of free radicals and neutralizes it, thereby purifying the water.

fullereneAndrievsky Grigoriy Vladimirovich, Ph.D. in Bioorganic Chemistry, and Klochkov Vladimir Kirillovich, Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry claim that the Martian Water, passing the shungite deposits, is being enriched by fullerenes. Fullerene is not transferred itself in the water, so the water made from shungite cannot hold long the fullerene properties without shungite.

It should be also noted that despite the claims of many scientists about the insolubility and toxicity fullerenes, the team of Andrievsky and Klochkov has developed, however, the method of dissolution of fullerenes in water and proved that such a solution is not toxic. Thus, an aqueous solution of hydrated fullerenes contains the fullerene molecules and holds the fullerene properties for a long time.

Fullerenes will be a subject for research still for a long time, only a few of their properties have revealed. American scientists in the 90th of the last century expected to find fullerenes rather in meteorites than in shungite stones, by virtue of fullerene specific features. Apparently, we still do not have cosmic knowledge sufficient to comprehend this suprisingly "clever" molecule.


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